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How to Collect Rent the Right Way – Escondido Property Management Tips

The most important thing you can do to collect rent effectively is get great tenants into your rental property. That’s a simple answer to the rent collection question, but it’s really the most important thing you can do. Check out our videos on what makes a good tenant and how to find that tenant. Once you have that great tenant in place, there are four strategies we would recommend. (more…)

A Guide to Tenant Screening in Escondido – Property Management Education

The single most important thing that you do as a landlord or Escondido Property Management company is recruit high quality tenants. If you can do this one function well, you can do everything else poorly and still be a successful landlord. However, if you do a terrible job of choosing tenants, you’ll fail as a landlord and regret the day you became one. We’re sharing a few of the processes and tips we use to help us recruit great tenants. (more…)

What Makes a Good Tenant? Professional Property Management in Escondido

The single most important thing you will do as a landlord is to recruit a quality tenant. There are lots of ways to fail as a landlord, and putting bad tenants in place is the quickest way to fail. We’re talking about how to identify a good tenant. In another blog, we’ll talk about how to find that good tenant, but today we want you to know what to look for. Our message to owners and landlords is pretty simple. There are three things that make a good tenant: Paying rent on time, treating the property respectfully, and being a god neighbor. It’s very simple. If you do those three things, we’ll get along great. (more…)