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What Makes a Good Tenant? Professional Property Management in Escondido

The single most important thing you will do as a landlord is to recruit a quality tenant. There are lots of ways to fail as a landlord, and putting bad tenants in place is the quickest way to fail. We’re talking about how to identify a good tenant. In another blog, we’ll talk about how to find that good tenant, but today we want you to know what to look for. Our message to owners and landlords is pretty simple. There are three things that make a good tenant: Paying rent on time, treating the property respectfully, and being a god neighbor. It’s very simple. If you do those three things, we’ll get along great.

Good Tenants Pay Rent on Time

If a potential tenant has lousy credit, we’ll take a look at those circumstances. It’s more important to conclude that the tenant has the ability to pay the rent. We’ll need tenants to prove we won’t have an issue collecting the rent. Good tenants can have bad credit, as long as they are paying rent on time every month.

Good Tenants Respect Your Property

When it comes to being respectful to the property, we may need to teach the tenants some things. There’s an anecdote we use in our office: if there’s a fire, call 911. If you’re being robbed, call 911. If you have a water problem or you see a stain in the ceiling or a toilet is running over and your bathtub is leaking or pipes have problems – call our emergency hotline. We want to know about water problems right away so we can address the issue immediately. That’s what a respectful tenant does. Tenants are encouraged to get in touch with us. Even those problems that some landlords consider to be minor, pestering problems are important. We want to know about those too. Taking care of the property is an important function, and we cannot do that without the tenant’s help.

Good Tenants Behave as Good Neighbors

What Makes a Good Tenant Professional Property Management in EscondidoBeing a good neighbor basically speaks for itself. As you can see, our message is simple. Pay your rent, be respectful and be a good neighbor. That’s what makes a good tenant.

If you have any questions about this, please contact us at Francis Taylor Property Management in Escondido, CA, and we’d be happy to tell you more.

Posted by: Ed Swauger on May 25, 2016
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